Going back to Ohio

22 Aug

Yesterday I and my cat moved to Cleveland from Oakland. Oakland was chilly, I wore jeans and layered shirts and a sweatshirt. Ohio is 71℉. I know it won’t be too long before Oakland is much warmer than here, but I have to say it’s nice to wear shorts.

Speaking of wearing shorts. I guess usually I only wear shorts on the playa in Black Rock City, so today as the wind blew on my legs I had a feeling of Burning Man. I’m sure going to miss being out there this year and I can’t wait for my friends to come back with their stories and pictures and new friends.

Sitting here writing this I just got calls from the car transport people and the mover. My car will be here tomorrow before noon, so quick. I’m only slightly disappointed because I do like getting to drive new cars from time to time and this rental is a push button start – fun! My mover will be here Monday with all all my stuff. Lucky for me I won’t have classes that day so I can sit around with all my boxes getting settled some. Poor Galahad will have just gotten used to the hotel.

Now I need to go find a bank so I can get a cashier’s check to pay for my car delivery. Neither the national bank I belong to nor the ones my parents belong to have branches here, so I’m off to find a brand new hopefully actually national bank so I don’t have to change again next time I move.

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