i got a D in valentine’s day

15 Feb

so, friday i realized that i had two days till valentine’s day. two days that i would be out of town and with mr. marsh the whole time! ooops!

he had mentioned a place he knew where they might have a wallet he liked, and i offered to buy it for him as his valentine’s day gift. the wallet was on sale for just over $10! i know it’s the thought that counts, but i wanted to spend more than 10 bucks on the guy.

so i figured i’d bake him a cake or some brownies monday while he was at work. however, we had friends over sunday night and they brought desserts… plural. scratch making more sweets.

monday night we had a nice dinner of pasta and sauce (from tomatoes i canned earlier this year) and he gave me my gifts. a hand made card, a really fun fortune teller/cootie catcher, some great candy, an owl with a rat tape measure that i LOVE, and a bottle of my favourite perfume! holy cows!

i think i got a D, but he sure got an A+!



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  1. Clint Marsh

    February 16, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Pshaw! You’re the sweetest, and I love all the thoughtful gifts you gave me yesterday. Let’s go spend that gift certificate soon!