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15 Oct

My cat is curled up on the couch next to me making little grunting noises with each breath. Not quite snores, more like little sighs. It’s been rainy and windy the past couple days and I think it’s actually autumn now.

There’s a kid who’s been riding his bike up and down the street all morning and he gets to ride with the wind to go toward the cul-de-sac and then has to fight against it to go back toward home. Just a few minutes ago there was a big crash like something fell on the house and when I looked out the front window, the kid was slowly riding away from my garage door. I’ll have to go check to make sure he didn’t dent it. I haven’t seen him out on the street since the crash. suspicious.

There is something really odd about people pulling into my driveway to turn around. Maybe it looks like no one lives her? We can’t figure out why they don’t continue on to drive around the circle. Mine is the last house on the left before the circle, so they’re feet away from it, but THREE cars pulled into my driveway to turn around just the other night. And now this kid on his bike decides to ride up my driveway and crash into my garage door. What the hell? I guess I don’t understand suburbia yet.

Last night Mr. Marsh and I went to some friends’ house and played with their baby and had burgers. Then we spent four hours finishing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle! We had a great sense of accomplishment when we left, but that much focus really can exhaust someone! Luckily, at that time of night there isn’t traffic on the cross town street that connects our houses so we got home easily. I like having a nice, easy cross town street so close, but I don’t like that all of the rest of the city also wants to use it. Plus, it goes right past a couple malls so it’s about to get super extra crowded with holiday shoppers. I’ll have to be sure to get my shopping finished early, and online.

It’s been great having Mr. Marsh in town and getting to explore things with him. We picked out where his P.O. Box will be, but don’t really need to rent it till closer to when he’s going to be here. We went to my niece’s birthday party and had a great time with family and friends. We stopped by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s gift shop — we didn’t have the time we wanted to go through the museum this visit. We drove through the country and looked at the trees turning, and drove half way to a small town near here to have a birthday drink but gave up when the rain started falling really really hard and we could hardly see. So we gave up and went to the chain cheesecake restaurant along the better lit route and had a drink and a bit of cheesecake instead. It was yummy.

The rain here is more serious than in norcal and I’m already really aware of the difference in weather. It’s nice to have a bit of a change. It should be in the low 50s later this week, and soon there will be actual cold instead of the constant chilly and damp I’m used to. I’m sort of looking forward to it, though I know I’ll likely get tired of it long before the temps warm up again.

Anyone who wants to see snow is welcome to visit soon; I think you’ll be too late to see red/gold leaves soon.

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Going back to Ohio

22 Aug

Yesterday I and my cat moved to Cleveland from Oakland. Oakland was chilly, I wore jeans and layered shirts and a sweatshirt. Ohio is 71℉. I know it won’t be too long before Oakland is much warmer than here, but I have to say it’s nice to wear shorts.

Speaking of wearing shorts. I guess usually I only wear shorts on the playa in Black Rock City, so today as the wind blew on my legs I had a feeling of Burning Man. I’m sure going to miss being out there this year and I can’t wait for my friends to come back with their stories and pictures and new friends.

Sitting here writing this I just got calls from the car transport people and the mover. My car will be here tomorrow before noon, so quick. I’m only slightly disappointed because I do like getting to drive new cars from time to time and this rental is a push button start – fun! My mover will be here Monday with all all my stuff. Lucky for me I won’t have classes that day so I can sit around with all my boxes getting settled some. Poor Galahad will have just gotten used to the hotel.

Now I need to go find a bank so I can get a cashier’s check to pay for my car delivery. Neither the national bank I belong to nor the ones my parents belong to have branches here, so I’m off to find a brand new hopefully actually national bank so I don’t have to change again next time I move.

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