Still there!

01 Dec

the other day i put out a letter to be sent. normally, our postal dude picks these up and takes them away — no problem.

but when i got home at 6pm that evening, my envelope was still sitting out where i’d tucked it. we don’t have an outgoing post spot, so this is just how people have been indicating items which need to be taken.

i thought maybe the post just didn’t come that day, but there was stuff in my postbox. so… maybe we got a new carrier, a sub? i felt bad cause it was something i’d said i’d dropped in the post that day… i didn’t want the postee to think i was lying about that.

so, i dropped her a note online about the mix up then carried it with me to a public post box on the way to classes the next day. now i’m not sure if i can trust my post will be picked up at home anymore! maybe i’ll test it out with a letter to someone who isn’t expecting one, so they won’t know if it’s “late”.

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