02 Dec

i just found out about this project by reverb10 where you post each day of december based on a prompt they choose.

i’m going to combine prompt 1 and 2 into today to catch up.

Dec 1 (belated): one word.

my word for 2010 would have to be “change”. i  have changed so much in my life this year. i went back to school. i met my obviously meant to be long term partner (we like to joke that even though we met 7.5 months ago, we’ve been married 8 years). i started pushing myself creatively. and i’m preparing to move, if need be, for school.

my word for 2011 will hopefully be … settle. i really like change and i’m don’t imagine i’ll ever really be without a good deal of it, but it would be nice for some certain things to be more on the certain side. where will we live? will we be we, for sure? how will we manage all the different needs of all the different cats? i want to feel like my life has a stronger base, or rather a wider base.

Dec 2: writing.

one thing i do each day that does not, in any way, contribute to my writing is dawdle, putz, zone out, etc. there are times when i mindless half hour in front of the TV is actually the fastest way to unwind, but i shouldn’t get lost on facebook and making my amazon wishlist and watching daytime medical interview shows. if i’m going to watch TV or movies or “waste time” i could make it something well written and somehow intellectually interesting. or i could spend some time zoning out while scanning figures from my textbooks to help me study. flip, scan, save… flip, scan, save… flip, scan, save — it doesn’t always take a lot of concentration.


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