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25 Jan

i got an amazing bit of spam this morning. it was from some woman telling me how she read my profile and really wants to meet me so could i email her and she’ll send me a picture.

obviously completely untrue, but the great thing was the comment was on my GIST page, which i had forgotten i even had.

hoorah! it’s pretty much just what i needed right now. my winter has been a little rough what with my cat getting sick and feeling crushed by all these applications and exams and online classes that have to be finished ASAP or my life will be RUINED, RUINED i tell you!

instead of just trying to remember every few weeks that i should focus on the good things, i’ll try to remember to write them here, too. (see that, no real commitment.)


1. the cheese, mr. marsh’s cat. i was over last night reading textbooks while mr. marsh cleaned his desk. the cheese is pretty much afraid of everything, but he likes me. he curled up right next to me when i laid down on the bed.

2. galahad seems to be doing better. he’s pretty obviously an old cat now, but he does seem to be doing better than he was a couple weeks ago.

3. oatmeal with blackberries. apparently, adding blackberries to one’s oatmeal turns it red… and yummy!

4. sunshine. really it’s nice to feel not freezing when i’m outside.

5. clink! my friends’ little girl learned how to clink glasses at thanksgiving and now loves to clink her sippy cup if you have a glass, too. so. cute.

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