Out of sorts

08 Aug

I’m moving, and that has me all out of sorts. I’m homesick for the Bay Area already, but I know I’m doing the right thing and I’m excited to learn a new city and have some space to breathe. I want to pack up as quickly as possible so I can have that out of the way, but I want to leave things out as long as I possibly can so I’m not living among boxes and I can browse my books or work on some art or whatever!

I wish I were going to Black Rock City this year, but instead my Right of Passage is to start school on the other side of the country from where I’ve lived the last 10 years but just about 45 min from where I was born. I’m so excited to have a chance get to know some of my family better, and I’m so heartbroken to be leaving behind so many loved ones here.

What if I forget to pack something in my suitcase that I’ll need before my moving truck arrives? What if a box of emotionally important things gets lost? What if my box of school books for this semester gets lost?

I’m actually pretty sure there won’t be any dramatic events. Galahad and I will get on the plane and he’ll be confused and frightened, but soon enough we’ll be in our hotel room on the other side. And soon after that I’ll be moved into the new house I rented and we’ll both get settled in. And in January, Mr. Marsh will join us and we’ll have a late Christmas again this Winter.

And I’m sure someday I’ll get used to going into the coat closet to get my mail, but for a while I’ll think it’s really funny every time I do.


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