money stress

27 Jan

i looked at my budget today… or rather, i tried to make a budget by looking at the 12 month average amount i spent in several categories as reported by my bank.

i decided i’m cut off. i get $200 cash a month and that has to be all the food i buy out and all the “little things” i pick up (like the $10 worth of chain i just bought to finish up a skirt). i’m totally freaking out about this. no more going to the museum, no more buying post cards, no more art supplies… all my art from here on in will have to be done using what i already have. once i’m out, i’m out.

what are some good, very inexpensive meals that last a while? i’m an old hat with beans and rice, but what else can i make? mac and cheese. both dishes can have meat and/or veggies thrown in. but i also need things i can take to school that i don’t have to heat up. my night class is 3 hours straight and i’m always *starving* when i get out. is it expensive to make your own granola bars?

please pardon me as i panic.

oh, yeah, and my gist:

1. roxy’s shadow as she trots along in the early evening sun.

2. galahad all curled up in my lap.

3. tilly all curled up in my lap.

4. talking to hamster_grrl.

5. hot water bottle.

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