Changing the way we get taught

05 Apr

i guess because i’m in school again i’ve been thinking a lot about how lessons are taught, and seeing first hand how well prepared (or not) students are in science when they come to college. this article caught my eye this morning. i’ve only had a very few teachers who couldn’t answer questions on the spot, so i think the teachers might actually end up liking a set up like this better. i suppose they’d want/need to record their own lectures to be sure the students are being taught the subject matter they expect, including any little tips and tricks the professor knows (like those little rhymes that help you remember how to spell).

i need to brush up on my long division before taking one of those standardized tests as part of the nursing school application process, so i think i may just see if the khan academy has anything for me.

Khan Academy aims to reinvent education through video (w/ video)

( — The problems with basic education, both in the US and other countries, are complex, but one website may have the ability to improve education on a global scale. The Khan Academy, whose mission is to “provide a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere,” currently has 2,200 video tutorials on subjects ranging from math to science to history. Not only could the free educational videos help individual students learn better, but the concept could also reform schools by redefining the teacher’s role and laying the foundations for a global classroom.


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