boxes boxes boxes

11 Aug

I’m living in a maze of boxes, and today I went to my storage unit to start pulling stuff out of there so the moving truck only has to make one stop. You never realize how much stuff you have until you look at it all stacked in boxes in your living room. And I feel like there’s so much more to go!

Moving across the country is so strange. How do I clean the house after my vacuum and brooms are packed on the truck? How do I clean the new place before my vacuum and broom get there?

I found a box full of cords in my storage unit, too. Just all sorts of cords, some power cords, some A/V cords, some who knows what. Obviously I don’t need them for anything, but how do I get rid of them? Charity shop? Trash?
I spent a couple hours in storage today making sections for Take to Ohio, Charity Shop, and Trash. I have a couple Burning Man useful things that I’m not 100% sure what to do with. Maybe I’ll take them over to some of my camp mates to see if they’re need in camp this year. It would be one less box I have to fit in my living room.



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